Please Recycle

The more recycling that is done reduces the costs of operating the Waste Disposal Site, which in turn reduces the mill rate & ultimately your taxes.
Recycling Bins are located in Nesbitt, next to the Municipal Office, First Ave in Carroll (accessible at anytime) and also at the Waste Transfer Stations during regular hours of operation.
Plastics, paper, tin cans, boxboard, and milk jugs are all recyclable.

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DO recycle all empty plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.

DO keep foods and liquids out of recycling

DO keep plastic bags out of recycling.

DON'T bag your recyclables- plastic bags and film get tangled in the machinery.

DON'T include food-soiled items - they can turn an entire load of recycling to trash.

DON'T add sharp or dangerous materials like needles and electronics- they can cause injury to our workers.

DON'T toss in "tanglers" like rubber hoses and wires- they can shut down an entire recycling center!

DON'T include bulky items like propane tanks or construction debris.